BIOK [8]
LA PARA [22]


Gaining speed on snow waves, keeping the knee muscles active and carving through banked curves with loads of flow. This is not the giant slalom in Alta Badia but the new speed alternative for everyone: the Funcross Biok/La Para!

The Funcross Biok/La Para is a home to skilled carvers as well as speed-enthusiastic racers thanks to its two starting points. One sends motivated winter athletes over high-speed snow waves, whereas the other one challenges skiers and snowboarders with banked curves and directional changes. Either way - the flow is guaranteed both ways which expand over 600 meters in total.

It's a few seconds before the start. This time though, you are not sitting in front of the TV watching pros deliver exceptional performances. This time, you give it a shot yourself. You take one last breath after the exit from the chairlift Biok and GO! You generate speed before even hitting the first four snow waves thanks to a powerful start. Slack knees and a compact posture definitely help preparing for rapid waves and the first banked curve. After this, you are facing two more waves and a banked turn chicane followed by a jump that is best handled Dominik-Paris-style before getting back into position. Now, this part merges with the second Funcross part of La Para. Dash across the last waves, banked curves and a final jump before finishing with slightly burning legs.

Nevertheless, your Funcross Biok/La Para experience has not come to an end yet. Take the t-bar lift La Para and head over to the second starting point of the Funcross where carving fans finally find their satisfaction: Taking on dynamic banked curves, you will experience a flow of different kind. And of course, a final jump must not be missed before both compartments merge. One Funcross. Double Experience. This is the Funcross La Para. Double the flow!

So, what are you waiting for? This unique race experience is accessible via Biok lift and La Para lift. See you at Funcross!