PARK OPENING 23.12.2019


Do you want to challenge the speed and engage yourself in the discipline of speed skiing?
The track Speedcheck is just right for you, where you can experience your speed over a distance without poles or gates, and ski as fast as you can!

On this track, suitable for everyone because it is completely secure and has a minimum incline, the descent of every skier is timed, an excellent motivation to challenge yourself and your friends, trying to constantly improve yourself.

The Speedcheck is on the skipist Capanna Nera in Corvara, next to the homonymous ski lift near to the road leading to Passo Campolongo. Along the slopes Parallel Slalom and Movie Slalom, this slope is part of the Movimënt circuit, on which all descents are filmed and timed. You can download the videos and photos at the link on this website.

Challenge your friends and share your performances on your socials!