The single seater chairlift, Piz Sorega, was built in San Cassiano in 1961. The Piz Sorega carried skiers to the network of pistes on the plateau between Corvara, La Villa and San Cassiano. Above all, it was designed to bring skiers back to Corvara, the departure point at the time. San Cassiano was then a hidden village, and its inhabitants were mostly farmers. The construction of the chairlift led to an immediate development of tourism here as well, so that the tiny mountain village became a tourist resort.

The single seater chairlift of Piz Sorega used to carry about 220 people an hour and the ascent lasted 18 minutes 30 seconds. In 1970, the single seater chairlifts became two-seaters and in 1987, after over 25 years from when it was first operated, the Piz Sorega chairlift was completely renovated with a modern, 4-seater chairlift with automatic pick-up: one of the first to be built in Italy from the middle of the 80s. This was then replaced in 2004 with a cablecar with 8-seater cabins and an hourly capacity of 3,000 people.
Two runs, one red and one blue, descend from the station above Piz Sorega to the station below. Furthermore, it is the starting point not only for the sledge run «Tru Liösa Foram», accessible for everyone, but also for all the runs and lifts in Alta Badia.

In the summer, it takes you to the Bear Park Piz Sorega, the starting point of high walks and excursions of all levels of difficulty and length.